Professional Portfolio Advisors founded in 2016, offer clients diverse, effective and comprehensive financial services. Professional Portfolio Advisors is founded on the basis of providing truly independent financial advice and the company’s core business entails delivering comprehensive financial planning, Estate planning with investment expertise, wills and administration of deceased estates.

We believe that long-term partnerships create value and therefore we provide solutions for every aspect of your life, whether it is a need for personal wealth creation or insurance. Professional Portfolio Advisors has a comprehensive product- and services proposition that we would like to present to you soon. 

Our representatives of Professional Portfolio Advisors I have access to best of breed, specialized product and service providers, which enables me to provide financial solutions that will keep up with your evolving financial needs. 

Barend Pretorius - Founder

As founder I lead the company’s technical financial team.

I have a passion to analyze clients portfolios and to create a suitable solution for my clients needs.

I am in the financial industry since 2010.

One of my most important life goals is to make a difference in my client's life.


Adv. Johan Lombard - Partner

As partner I lead the company’s legal matters.

The winding up of deceased estates is one of my passions.  

I am in the financial industry since 1985.